New patients

Brief paperwork to help gain information about yourself and your condition. After your paper work is complete, consultation is done between you and the doctor to discuss your health related concerns.  Dr. Ida Abraham then collects all history and does examinations to diagnose the problem. If the problem can be helped with chiropractic care, same day treatments are rendered. New Hope Chiropractic has private treatment rooms. Dr. Ida Abraham is trained in x-ray techniques and in order to make an accurate diagnosis she may order X-Rays or MRIs of your back and neck if needed.

After initial exam, every patient receives a recommended course of treatment that you need. No more than the care you need to help improve your condition. The hands-on nature of the chiropractic treatment is what requires patients to visit the office. In contrast, a course of treatment from medical doctors often involves prescription medication which does not involve follow up appointments (example: taking prescription medication once a day for a couple of weeks).   Treatment recommendations can consist of Chiropractic Adjustments, Nutritional Assessment, Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapy, Physical therapy and Rehabilitation. All treatments including therapy are done in private rooms.

Patients are given directions on certain activities to do or not to do as part of their home care. The doctor will instruct to use ice or heat and for how long.  We accept and are in network with most insurance. Individuals that lack insurance and are in need of chiropractic care are welcome. The staff at New Hope Chiropractic work very hard to keep cost down and care extremely affordable. Call our office today and ask about our new patient specials.