Chiropractic during Pregnancy

Home cozy portrait of pregnant woman resting on a carpet at home

Choose Chiropractic during Pregnancy

Based on research, about 50% of expectant mothers will have lower back pain at some point during their pregnancy. A safe and effective way to treat the pregnancy aches and pain are adjustments. Adjustments simply mean finding areas of the spine that are misaligned due to changes in the body. There is an expected average weight gain of 25 to 30 pounds to the body during pregnancy. The posture changes does not just affect your outward look, it increases the pressure felt in your lower back. Safe ways for alignment are treatments at New Hope Chiropractic Center. Dr. Ida Abraham uses low force adjustments to help align the spine naturally and gently.

Particular techniques are used to adjust pregnant patients and specialized tables are used that allow the expected mothers to lay face down. This helps to reduce discomfort in the lower back. Dr. Ida Abraham uses Webster Technique on expecting mothers with a breech position. New Hope Chiropractic Center has private treatment rooms. Call the office today to find out how adjustments can help reduce low back pain, sciatic pain (caused by pinched nerve) and other discomforts due to spinal misalignments during pregnancy. Chiropractic wellness care is a healthy and effective option for pain relief.