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The meaning of numbers on the stickers in your vegetables and fruits.

What’s the quality of your fruits and vegetables?   Welcome to the world of nutrition. I’ve always had patients ask me about weight loss, diet and life style changes. When I’m asked about what’s a good simple recommendation for a healthy diet, I used to say eat organic meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Now, I say

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Pain after an accident?

Auto accident can lead to long lasting chronic pain if not treated. Treating auto accident injuries early can help reduce scar tissue and may help decrease injury complications. If you were involved in an auto accident, get evaluated. Due to shock of the trauma, pain might not be felt until later on. By law, you have

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Easy ways to help kids avoid spinal dysfunctions!

Here are a few tips to help our kids avoid back pain: Avoid one shoulder back packs; it creates an imbalance with the shoulders.  To correct the imbalance the body creates compensations in your spine. It’s an undue unevenness that does an extra pull and strain on the body and creates irregularity which increases or

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Summer friendly activities that help maintain healthy spines for kids!

Summer friendly activities that help maintain healthy spines for kids! Chiropractic care is recognized for natural relief from back pain, neck pain, strains, sprains, headaches, whiplash, and a variety of spinal dysfunctions for adults; but what about our kids? From heavy back packs they carry to hours spent seated in class rooms, I’m starting to

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