Pain Relief with a sock?

Multicoloured socks in box

Pain Relief with sock?

There it was again, a single sock! I could not find its pair. It was perfect; no holes, soft, and comfy. Where do the socks go in the dryer? It’s a mystery. Do dryers really eat them?  Instead of tossing the sock, I decided to turn the sock into a heat pack. Yes, the lonely sock does have a purpose. All you need: rice or beans, a lonely sock and minimal skills with sewing.  Fill the sock about 80-90% up with rice (or beans) then sew the opening closed. It’s a simple and quick 10 minute DIY project. To warm up the pack, place the pack in the microwave for about 2 minutes. Now, you have a heating pack that will help relax muscles.  They also make great gifts especially for grandparents with achy muscles or even to friends who work long bouts of time at a desk job. It will help relax neck and back muscles. Use heated pack for about 15-20 minutes on and take a 15-20 minutes break. You can use as needed.  The heat should be at a warm tolerable level to touch. A good rule of thumb on when to apply heat: soothe arthritic/achy joints and relax cramping/tight muscles. Warm heat is a good tool that can help relieve pain and discomfort for chronic conditions like arthritis.   Hope these tips help to relieve tight muscles and find use for those single socks.

Wishing you health,

Dr. Ida Abraham