Tips for good posture while sitting

Do you slouch?

I saw a picture of myself today and the first thing I noticed was my slouching! I know, it’s terrible posture! Especially, since I analyze posture for a living. It’s pretty much what I do all day; As a Chiropractor, I have to notice people’s posture and how to improve it. I also have to notice how pain is affecting their posture and how to relieve it by reducing the imbalance in the spine. It’s all about fixing the structural problems so it doesn’t affect the function. Improper posture while sitting can cause muscle spasms between your shoulder blades and increase the pressure and pain in your lower back. The truth is we all have to train to have good posture.

Follow these few easy to do tips for good posture while sitting:

You should sit up with your back straight. Your buttocks and shoulders should touch the back of your chair. Distribute your body weight evenly on both hips (do not sit with a wallet in your back pocket). Bend both your knees at a right angle and keep your knees slightly higher than your hips. Don’t cross your legs and keep your feet flat on the floor. Also, try to get up and move every 30-45mins. Hope these few simple tips on sitting help relieve muscle strain and aid in good posture. Please let me know if you would like some easy tips on how to sit while using the computer. It’s what I’m here for.