Easy ways to help kids avoid spinal dysfunctions!

Chiropractor doing adjustment on female patientHere are a few tips to help our kids avoid back pain:

Avoid one shoulder back packs; it creates an imbalance with the shoulders.  To correct the imbalance the body creates compensations in your spine. It’s an undue unevenness that does an extra pull and strain on the body and creates irregularity which increases or causes back pain.

Choose a back pack that is proportionate to the kid’s body size. Try to find back packs made of lightweight material. Pack it light. Don’t let the back pack weigh more than 10-15% of the child’s current weight.

Check their pillow to see if it supports their neck in a neutral position.  Follow this link for tips of how to find the perfect pillow: https://mynewhopechiro.com/finding-the-perfect-pillow-for-you/

Posture matters always. Lead by example; be conscious of your own posture while sitting or standing. Praise your child when they have good posture and soon they will be motivated to stand straight or sit without slouching.

Take your children to a chiropractor. At least once a year, your child should be checked for spinal dysfunctions and scoliosis.  This can be done during their yearly school physical. Most Chiropractic offices do school and sports physicals. If your child plays any sports, they may need to go in for regular treatments. Chiropractic care helps with many child related ailments such as ear infections to simple slip and falls.

If you have any additional questions, stop by the office! We would love to help.